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Bhutan Tours

Tour Overview

1. Chelela Pass

The highest motorable pass out of all Bhutan's passes is Chelela Pass which connects the Valley of Paro and Haa. It is famous for trekking and hiking trips. Between April and June, one can enjoy a pleasant weather along with blooming rhododendron sprawled across the vibrant landscape of the valleys surrounding the pass. It is an ideal time for picnicking and camping along with friends and family. From October to March, this area experiences the winter season and spectacular views of the snow-capped towering mountains can be witnessed. But, one must be careful during this season as it can get unbearably cold.

Chelela Pass altitude is 3,988 m, making it the highest motorable road of Bhutan. Bhutan''s most sacred peak, Mount Jomolhari, which is at a height of 22,000 ft can be clearly seen from this place.

Paro to Chelela Pass distance is about 39.8 km, it takes around one and a half hours by car to reach the Pass. The drive to Chelela Pass from Paro offers splendid views of the thriving flora and fauna.

The surrounding area of this pass has several ancient trails and numerous untouched forest regions which makes this place the ideal spot for all the hikers.

The slopes of the mountains in the landscape are filled with white poppy which is not found anywhere else in the world. One can even witness the vast lakes of the region which houses several rainbow trouts.

Some things To Do At Chelela Pass

Most of the activities around Chelela Pass are aimed at exploring the natural landscape of Bhutan. Here are top 6 things which one must do at Chelela Pass:

2. Visit Paro Takshang

Paro Taktsang or the Tiger's Nest Monastery is a famous ancient Buddhist monastery which is located at the upper Paro Valley overlooking a spectacular valley. It is a prominent Himalayan sacred place which is one of the most popular places to visit in Bhutan for one and all. It is said that the "Second Buddha" had meditated at this place. It is a two-hour climb to this monastery. It is a very hard trek to this place with steep slopes and the high altitude just adds to the uneasy feeling. But, the magnificent monastery makes it worth the effort is taken to get to this place.

The real name of this famous monastery in Paro is Rinchen Pung Dzong which is shortened to Rinpung Dzong which means "fortress on a heap of jewels". This fort was formerly used as a point to defend the Paro valley from Tibet invasions. It is built on a steep hillside and the view from here is absolutely mesmerizing. It perfectly throws light on the traditional Bhutanese architecture with its towering walls and wooden carvings. It is considered as one of the top places to visit in Bhutan.

3. Visit National Museum: Discover Bhutan's history

This round museum in the shape of a conch shell is perched above Paro Dzong. A unique variety of modern and ancient Thangkas, fearsome facial masks used in tsechu dances, an egg which was laid by a mule, Guru Rinpoche's horse horn and a few Tamchhog bridge's original links are beautifully displayed here. The only sad part is that no cameras are allowed inside this museum and hence one cannot capture the beautiful pieces of art displayed here.

Early morning is the best time to witness several different species of the bird in the area surrounding the winding roads from Chelela Pass to Paro. It is a well-known area to spot the beautiful blood pheasants whose squeaky calls echo around the whole valley. The tits can be seen flying through the conifer trees canopy. Other flocks of birds which can be witnessed here are white-winged grosbeak, long-crested monal, laughing thrushes, White-browed rosefinch, mountain finches, nutcrackers and many more. The snow-capped mountains along with several birds flying around make for a splendid view.