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Buxa Tours

Tour Overview

1. Buxa National Park

It is an ideal place for the wild life lovers. The Buxa Fort is situated on the Sinchula Range and is a vintage point in the mountains. It was captured by the British in 1865 in the Second Dooars War between Bhutan and the British who joined in alliance with the princely state of Cooch Behar. Later it was used as a detention camp for the Indian Freedom fighters. People have sentimental attachment with the fort on accounts of its association with the struggle for freedom. A sacred temple – Mohakal – lies in BTR. Around 10,000 devotees of Lord Shiva congregate here on “Shiva Chouturdoshi”…………….

Its total area is 117.10 Km2. It was established as a National Park in the year of 1992. The park also provide suitable habitat to many species of birds like Greater Pied Hornbill, Ibis Bill, Trans Himalayan Migratory Goosanders, Red-stars, Wag-tails, Black necked crane, Migratory common teal, Black stork, Large Whistling Teal, Minivets, White Eyed Poachared etc.

National park is an area which is strictly reserved for the betterment of the wildlife & biodiversity, and where activities like developmental, forestry, poaching, hunting and grazing on cultivation are not permitted. Their boundaries are well marked and circumscribed.

At Buxa, these are the places you absolutely mustn’t miss visiting.

Rajabhatkhawa is the main entrance to Buxa Tiger Reserve. It has a watchtower inside the forest that gives the best opportunity to witness wildlife in all its glory; mostly, elephant, bison and even tiger.

The ruins of the Buxa Fort is on a hill that can be approached after a trek of about 4km from Santalabari. The fort was used by the British to keep the leaders of the Independence Movement in secluded confinement. The fort is mostly in ruins but has a rich historical significance. Lepchakha is again a small village with great views of the Dooars; accessible after a further 2km trek from Buxa Fort.

2. Jayanti village  

Jayanti Village is a small village deep inside the forests. within Buxa Tiger Reserve in Alipurduar district of West Bengal Jayanti can be visited as a sightseeing day trip inside the forest. The main attraction here is the wide expense of Jayanti riverbed and the gorgeous Bhutan hills on the other side of the river.

It is popular with hikers for its views of the surrounding landscape and wild fountains. A 13 km trek from Buxaduar to Jayanti passes through the dense forest of the Buxa Tiger Reserve.

Jayanti also features a stalactite cave known as the Mahakal cave.

The nearest railway station is Rajabhatkhawa on the New Jalpaiguri-Alipurduar-Samuktala Road Line.